WASHINGTON (DC News Now) — Families braved the cold Friday to enjoy holiday activities in the District.

“It’s Christmas time, you’ve got to do that,” said Rich Aves, who was at the Downtown Holiday Market with his daughter.  “There are so few Christmas markets around the DC area we had to get here before it closed down.”

Rich and Dani Aves said the cold doesn’t bother them too much.

“Cold is not a big deal for us, I don’t think. We just bundled up,” said Dani.

“We’ve got about another hour in us before we have to go inside,” said Rich.

Elizabeth Law and Vanessa Trevino said they spent a few hours outside Friday, despite whipping winds and dropping temperatures.

“It is rough, we are freezing,” said Law.

“We enjoy this, but it’s freezing,” said Trevino.

Law said the key to spending time outside is layering up.

“The trick is layers. I have sweater tights on and then I have my cozy tights, then I have my jeans,” she said.

At the Wharf families ventured out to the ice rink.

“I am just bearing through for the love of my kids,” said Ray Sewell, who was skating with his children.

The Sewell’s bundled up and traveled to DC from Frederick to spend the day together as a family. After an hour on the ice rink, daughter Hadassah said she was freezing.

“Freezing, literally ice, I feel like ice. But, I kind of don’t care at this point. I’ve gotten numb,” she said while laughing. “I haven’t been ice skating since I was really young and I wanted to do it again. And, we wanted to do a family outing.”