WASHINGTON (DC News Now) — Community members set up a memorial on the fence next to where 14-year-old Antoine Manning was shot and killed on Birney Place SE Monday night.

A jersey that says Clock Boyz, the name of the football team he played for, sat on the fence. Mikki Avent’s son was his teammate.

“They’ve been playing football with each other since they was like seven years old,” Avent said.

Tuesday, she and her son went to visit the boy’s family.

“His name was Antoine. They called him Doody,” Avent said.

“He’s a really good kid. I know him and his mom, his siblings, everything. Like, this is a sad situation. They used to spend the night at my house all the time, like all the time,” she said.

She says Antwon was shot on the same block just three weeks ago on October 9.

Police released photos of the shooters but told DC News Now no arrests were made. They said this shooting is an active investigation.

“I don’t even I don’t even know what to say right now because I’m lost for words to be even believed that the baby’s gone,” Avent said.

Neighbors told DC News Now that Tuesday night’s shooting was a drive-by. They said that Antwon was in the street and his mother ran out and tried to pull him to safety but couldn’t because the shooters kept firing at him.

“She’s not doing real good. She’s not doing good at all,” Avent said.

Police tried doing CPR but he died at the hospital.

Many in the neighborhood are fed up.

“You need to talk it out. You don’t need a f—— gun,” one man shouted.

Police Chief Robert Contee was fed up too.

“This family should not be grieving the loss of a 14-year-old child tonight. The person who had, I’m sure which will be an illegal firearm that took this young man’s life should not have been in possession of that illegal firearm,” Contee said during a conference Monday evening.

“I’ve been doing this for years, and it’s just heartbreaking,” said Jawanna Hardy, founder of the gun-control group Guns Down Friday. “It’s heartbreaking to see these mothers crying, and it’s getting so younger.”

“Something needs to be done with… this neighborhood is getting out of hand. And these are little kids at this point. This is not no grownups. These are babies,” Avent said.

“Kids, women was off-limits. So this right here is not just un-Godly,” said D.C. Council Member Trayon White. “It’s just inhumane that we’re including our kids into this war that’s going on in this community. We’ve got to acknowledge there’s a real war going on.”

There are many security cameras along the block that captured the shooting from three weeks ago, but police have not released any images yet from Tuesday night’s homicide.