WASHINGTON (DC News Now) — The mother of the man that was killed by escaped murder suspect, Christopher Haynes, remains fearful that her family is in constant danger.

On Friday, Sheila Jackson told DC News Now that Haynes is dangerous and she cannot rest until he is caught.

The Metropolitan Police (MPD) said Haynes was charged for killing Brent Hayward on Aug. 12. He was in custody after a special task force caught him in Manassas, Va. earlier this week, but Haynes escaped from George Washington University Hospital’s emergency room where police took him to be treated for an alleged pre-existing ankle injury on Wednesday.

Acting Police Chief Pamela Smith said that Haynes assaulted an officer who was changing Haynes’ handcuffs.

“He is a very bad man,” Jackson said.

Terra Baiss, a family friend who is helping Jackson raise money to relocate because of safety concerns, said the family is overwhelmed.

”They’re dealing with stress because the murderer [Haynes] is on the run,” Baiss said. “They’re going through grief, a lot of grief. A lot of crying. They’re upset. They’re not able to eat because they’re so upset.”

The acting police chief admitted that two officers should have escorted Haynes to the hospital instead of one and said that the situation under investigation.

“The mom, she’s so stressed out because she’s scared,” Baiss said. “She needs to move away because she’s scared for her and her two sons.”

Baiss said she is concerned at how Haynes was able to escape D.C. police’s custody.

”He was living his life just going anywhere he wanted,” she said. ”Then they find him and then he gets loose.”