WASHINGTON (DC News Now) — There’s World Cup fever in the nation’s capital, and the United States men’s soccer team squared off in their first match against Wales on Monday afternoon.

Many are feeling that this club may do well in the tournament.

The U.S. ended up in a 1-1 tie with the Wales team, but it was a game that was watched all over the DMV region.

A World Cup watch party was held in Dupont Circle’s park with two giants screens in the November cold as fans for both teams crowded together.

They wore their country’s spirit on their scarves, their shoes, and — yes — their flags.

While the players battled on the field, the fans were kind and calm to each other.

“I think we’re very lucky in DC and in the center of DC, to have an environment like this,” said Jo Ormesher, who grew up in Wales but now lives in Virginia. “And if you get gathers like this…it’s a friendly gathering. The sun is shining, everyone’s having a good time.”

The USA team hasn’t had a Cup appearance since 2014. And for Wales, a country better known for its rugby craze, it’s been since 1958 that any team has made it to the World Cup.

The event on Dupont Circle was sponsored by DC Events in conjunction with the Welch government.

“It’s exciting. They’re young, and because they’re young, they have hopefully nothing to fear,” said Joe Schoenbauer, who came to Dupont Circle with his wife, two kids and parents. “They go out and play their best and see what happens.”

Akram Mouaddah, who now lives in the region but is originally from Morocco, said has happy the U.S. team has finally made it back to the Cup.

“I’m a dual citizen so I’m like cheering for both,” he said. “USA’s my second country. I love ’em both so I have to show the support.”