WASHINGTON (DC News Now) — It’s the end of an era. D.C. is saying a final goodbye to the iconic RFK Stadium.

The stadium will be demolished and used for future projects such as housing. It opened back in 1961 as the D.C. stadium and was later renamed to honor Senator Robert F. Kennedy in 1969. It closed in 2019.

There was a special ceremony on Thursday as they removed the last orange wooden seats. The Kennedy family shared what the stadium meant to them.

“Part of this is a sad day as you look around and remember all of the great things that happened in the stadium. I am so glad that the mayor will continue to remember my father’s contributions to this country and to this city. He loved this city,” said Katherine Kennedy Townsend, former lieutenant governor.

If you want to buy one of those seats, you can head online. The seats will cost you around $350-500. Additional seats and other commemorative items are also available to buy.

Proceedings from the sale will go to help the Boys and Girls Club of Greater Washington and St. Coletta of Greater Washington.