WASHINGTON (DC News Now) — Currently, drivers will receive a warning for blocking a public bus stop in the District. That all changes come Nov. 15 when fines will replace the warnings.

The fine increases to $200 if drivers block a designated bus lane.

“They should have put that in a long time ago, which does make a lot of sense,” said William Wright, a Metro Bus passenger.

But the District Department of Transportation (DDOT) wants to reduce the fine for bus lane violators to $100. Though the D.C. Council must first approve the change.

“It shouldn’t go down, they should keep it up, [or] reinforce it,” said Constance Sutton, another Metro Bus passenger.

She got off her bus in Columbia Heights, where a driver was blocking the bus lane.

“We are frustrated because it’s difficult because I have a muscle disease,” Sutton said. “So it’s difficult for me to get on the bus.”

Whatever the cost, passengers support the penalties.

“There’s a very easy way to avoid getting fined, which is don’t park in the bus lane,” said Ezra Deutsch-Feldman.

DDOT said bus stop violations made up almost 80% of the warnings issued.