WASHINGTON (DC News Now) — Police are investigating after another teen was shot and killed in the District.

Officials said 17-year-old Dennis Simms was killed on Yuma Street Friday afternoon. Police are reviewing camera footage from the area to help identify a suspect.

“Right now I’m so numb on the inside,” said Patricia Williams, who is Simms’s grandmother.

Williams said she heard four gunshots while inside her home. That’s when a neighbor yelled out that it was her grandson who was shot. She came outside and helped give aid to the teen, along with other family members.

“The last words from my grandson was last night on my porch over there. He told me, ‘Grandma I love you so much.’ He always say, ‘Okay, grandma,’ but this time he said I love you. So God was telling me that this was the last time you were going to see my grandson again,” Williams said.

According to neighbors, it’s common to hear gunshots along Yuma Street. Friday’s shooting marks another teen killed by gun violence in DC over the last few weeks.

Williams wants the city to do something about the violence.

“You can’t even sit out front. I’m not scared of nothing. I sit out back. You can’t sit out front because they’re drive-by shooting. You’re not safe, your kids not safe,” she said. “Mayor Bowser, she needs to tighten up and do something about Ward 8. Especially here on Yuma Street. Yuma Street is getting outrageous.”

DC News Now reached out to the mayor’s office for comment but did not hear back.