Warning: This video contains graphic content

WASHINGTON (WDVM) — With continued unrest in Washington DC for two days, DC Police have released two body-camera videos of what led up to the night that led to the 20-year-old Karon Hylton dying.

DC’s Mayor, Muriel Bowser along with DC Chief of Police, Peter Newsham, took the podium Thursday expressing their sympathy to the parents of Karon.

The video we used in this report provided two angles of the incident from the driver and passenger.

For reasons that are still under investigation, officers were following Hylton down an alley as he rode on a moped. As Hylton was exiting the vehicle, he hit a car on the 700 block of Kennedy Street.

“You know we have very clear policies about no chasing. As should be obvious by now why…because chases can be dangerous,” Bowser said in the press conference.

Bowser released the name of the police officer who was driving the car following the victim, Terrence Sutton. It is unclear how the long the officer has been in the department.

All four officers, including Sutton, are on administrative leave with pay.

“There are folks in our community that want a police presence in that area, But, at the end of the day, we are the police. We have a set of laws and rules that we need to follow and that is ambiguous,” said Newsham.”

Newsham said the case will be reviewed by the US Attorney Office’s before heading back to the department for further investigation.

More video will be released when it is processed and redacted, a timeline of when that will be provided is unclear.

Highly anticipated police footage has been released of an accident resulting in the death of D.C. resident Karon Hylton. Metropolitan Police gave chase to Hylton when he evaded police after being stopped for riding a moped on the sidewalk.

In a police report following the incident on Friday night, police described following Hylton into an alleyway. Police said that Hylton crashed into a car while exiting the alleyway, resulting in his death. Community members reported that a police vehicle hit Hylton, and held protests in Ward Four denouncing police on Monday and Tuesday.

At the 1:40 mark in the newly released footage, police turn left into an alleyway to pursue the 20-year-old. Footage shows Hylton reach the end of the alley, turning left, and being struck by a car. The car does not appear to be a police vehicle.