WASHINGTON (DC News Now) — It could be next week before it’s not who will win a seat as a D.C. Advisory Neighborhood Commission that represents American University.

The way it will be resolved has drawn attention.

Diego Carney and Micah Rogers, both students at the university, each got a write-in vote. They’re the only candidates who received one, and the only candidates in the race.

“It’s one for the record books to be sure,” said Nick Jacobs with the D.C. Board of Elections.

They will now turn to Lady Luck to decide the contest. One option, according to Jacobs is a coin toss. But who gets to call it is still up in the air.

“I think you might have correctly thrown the proverbial monkey wrench into it,” Jacobs said.

Students seemed surprised by the solution.

“It’s definitely an interesting way to select someone,” said Kruttika Gopal.

The other option calls for the winner’s name to be pulled from a hat.”

“Yeah, like officially that being the only two options in this situation, feels a little silly to me,” said Sia Chokshi, another student.

Maybe. But Jacobs points out it’s not the first time an election involving an ANC seat will be decided this way.

“There was a tie in 2020, and I’m told there was a tie back in 2014,” Jacobs said, as the name of the winner in those contests were also drawn from hats.

The luck of the draw could very well determine the winner of the latest tie.

Neither of the candidates responded to our requests to comment.