WASHINGTON, D.C. (DC NEWS NOW) — A conference in the Nation’s Capital brought together women from all walks of life and from all around the world on International Women’s Day.

Their mission? To make the world a better place. From every corner of the globe, they shared how they make a positive difference, energized, and engaged in their home communities.

And that includes rural southern West Virginia where women are stepping up to take challenges head-on.

“Lots of us have children and we are concerned about the earth and the future of our children and how we will leave things for them,” said Jessica Timberlake, conference organizer.

Women at the conference discussed employment, success in the business world and returning to a normal life after facing difficult circumstances.

“We need to be able to help facilitate women coming out of the prison system, out of drug courts and go back to work,” said Tammy Jordan, president and CEO of the Fruits of Labor nonprofit.

Her mission? To give women “employment so they can get an amazing first start as they transition back into their lives.”

Through Fruits of Labor Jordan has helped women released from prison and women in substance use disorder recovery, giving her agricultural products business a “commitment to the community.”

“We added a layer of social mission,” said Jordan. “That is powerful when you take what you are doing on a regular basis and really help inspire others.”

Jessica Timberlake says Jordan is an inspiration. “We look up to women as they get more and more responsibility, higher up on the corporate ladder and women are leading the charge.”

Jordan says looking for opportunities to network and work cooperatively is the key to success. At this conference, she is spreading the word.

“It is important to work with partners to train other businesses,” said Jordan. “Ask how to do this in your community, how to help others, whether it is at-risk youth or someone in recovery. Ask how to be part of the solution.”