WASHINGTON (DC News Now) — Londen Blake, the mother of Karon Blake, the 13-year-old boy shot and killed in DC on January 7, spoke publicly a day after the person accused of killing her son turned himself in to police.

Londen Blake’s lawyer, Brian McDaniel, joined her as she addressed the public. He said that she “is satisfied with the charges that have been returned from the grand jury.”

“I really hope that I get justice for my child and I hope that this man is convicted,” Londen Blake said.

Jason Michael Lewis, 41, who works for the D.C. Department of Parks and Recreation, told police he shot Blake while the 13-year-old and others were breaking into cars. He is facing a charge of second-degree murder while armed.

“Karon came from a good home. Jason Lewis — he had no right. He had no right. It could’ve went a different way. … He took my baby, my first born, and it’s messed up, but I’ve got to live with that,” Londen Blake said on Wednesday.

The investigation by Metropolitan Police Department found that the group was trying to steal cars, but detectives said they found discrepancies in some of the information Lewis provided — particularly when compared to video they obtained and witness accounts. The discrepancies included how many shots Lewis fired and the circumstances that led to the shooting of Blake.

“Karon did not represent any danger to Mr. Lewis Karon was not armed at the time that he was shot. Koran was not on Mr. Lewis’s property,” McDaniel said.

Court documents revealed Karon’s last words, “I am a kid” and “I am only 12.”

Karon was 13 years old, but Londen Blake said, “I feel like he said that he was 12 because he was scared.”

“I was devastated. That hurt me to the core. I did the funeral. I buried him so it was a little relief, a little bit. But when I heard (Karon’s last words) yesterday, (it) broke me,” Londen Blake said.