WASHINGTON (DC News Now)—As the speaker stalemate continues on Capitol Hill, patrons at a local pub have selected their own speakers.

Union Pub is offering a ‘speaker of the pub’ drink special, which gives patrons the title of speaker, a gavel and lot of booze.

“When we found out the government can’t really get their things together and can’t decide who will be their voice, we figured we’d give our guests, who are often Hill staffers, their voice here,” said Chris Haley, General Manager at Union Pub.

The special, which costs $218 includes a bottle of wine, a bottle of champagne, two buckets of beer and eight shots of whiskey.

“We have a house gavel the guests are allowed to take their pictures with and then their own gavel to take home too,” said Haley.

“We saw the special advertised yesterday,” said Benjamin Gilman, who was out with friends Friday. “We thought I wouldn’t be around by Friday afternoon because we figured they might figure out the speakership by then. They didn’t obviously. We came over to enjoy the special.”

As of Friday evening at 9:30, Republican Kevin McCarthy was still trying to rally enough votes to win Speaker of the House. After four days, he lost 13 votes. The last time it took more than one vote to elect a Speaker was in 1923.

“It’s something that hasn’t happened in a 100 years,” said Gilman.

“(The vote is) serious, but at some point even those serious things, I think laughter, and enjoyment, and mirth helps,” said Haley.