WASHINGTON (DC News Now) — A woman whose thread of tweets outlined a Lyft ride that seemed to deliver terror at every turn, putting her safety at risk, forcing her to jump from the ride had more than 1.8 million views within a day’s time, and managed to garner a response from the company’s CEO.

Katlyn Skye, the name associated with the Twitter account, said that on Saturday, June 17, she was taking a Lyft in Washington, D.C. when the driver missed numerous turns, hit the brakes erratically, and ignored her attempts to communicate with him.

She said after prolonging her trip, the driver stopped using the Lyft platform for navigation and instead input an address into his own GPS.

Skye said she checked her own GPS and verified they were traveling in the opposite direction of her destination and that she received an automated text from Lyft confirming they were not heading in the right direction.

She continued to attempt communication with the driver. Skye said he finally responded by saying he did not speak English, despite the fact that they spoke to each other in English earlier in the trip.

Skye waited until the driver was moving slowly enough that she could get out of the still-moving car. She reported the incident in the Lyft app and walked to her destination.

Although she was supposed to receive a call from someone at Lyft, she said she did not. Instead, the next day, she received an email from someone claiming to be a member of the Lyft safety team, informing her that her account had been deactivated.

A person called Yuri explained that upon receiving a report that she had jumped out of a car that was in motion, the team decided to deactivate her account. Skye said she responded to this email explaining her situation; however, Yuri replied that the decision was final.

Yuri offered an apology for any inconvenience the situation may have caused. Skye said she asked what she should have done in the situation. Yuri responded by saying that Lyft had teamed up with ADT, a leading security automation provider, to launch new safety features. Skye said the features had not launched at the time of the alleged incident.

DC News Now reached out to the Metropolitan Police Department (MPD) and asked if a report had been filed with it regarding this incident. MPD said it had no record of any report being filed.

“We would encourage anyone who is a victim of a crime or incident in the District of Columbia to contact the Metropolitan Police Department so a report can be filed and the incident can be investigated.” Said Paris Lewbel, Deputy Director for the MPD Office of Communication.

David Risher, the CEO of Lyft responded to Skye’s tweet thread by saying: “I’m so sorry you’ve gone through this, Katlyn. Let me have a look. We can do better. And for those who say ‘protect women,’ I’m proud of our record but there’s more to do. Stay tuned.”