WASHINGTON (DC News Now) — The U.S. Park Police said Wednesday that a man who used paint to deface the Washington Monument faces a charge of Trespassing, Tampering, and Vandalism.

Officers took the man into custody around 7:30 p.m. when the vandalism took place. It included some explicit language in a general message that the government doesn’t care about its people’s problems.

The U.S. Park Police said the person arrested was Shaun Ray Deaton, 44, of Bloomington, Ind.

The area near the monument was to remain closed while the National Park Service assessed the damage and crews took care of getting rid of the paint. Conservators began removing the paint Wednesday.

Mike Litterst with the National Park Service explained that because marble is a porous material, it will absorb paint. Litterst said crews likely would have to us multiple treatments to remove the paint, and the process could take two to three weeks. He said, ultimately, it would be gone entirely.