WASHINGTON (DC News Now) — On the eve of a crime summit, neighbors in a Southeast D.C. community are begging for action from police and the housing authority.

They said that dozens of shots were fired early Sunday morning, leaving a young man wounded and cars and homes battered. It happened in the Marshall Heights neighborhood.

DC News Now talked exclusively with the young man who was shot through his bedroom window.

“I’m laying in my bed. All I heard was a big boom. I’m thinking it’s fireworks. I’m like, why are they doing fireworks this early? Then I heard the glass upstairs shatter. I’m like, so it must be bullets,” said the man who was shot. He didn’t want to be identified.

D.C. police haven’t released much information about what happened, but neighbors said that they have been complaining about one house in particular for years.

The shooting happened on Queen’s Stroll Place near 50th Street SE at around 12:30 a.m.

“I was laying on the floor like this, my head down, then it grazed me in my shoulder,” he said.

The man who was shot shows a bullet his family found in his house.

The man said a bullet flew into his bedroom off of a street behind Queen’s Stroll Place.

10 to 15 bullets hit every level of his house, breaking the air conditioning unit outside and piercing through the ceiling and a kitchen drawer.

“It missed this gas tank right here and went straight through the wall,” he said.

Neighbors on Queen’s Stroll Place are fed up, telling DC News Now they’ve reported one house in particular to police and the D.C. Housing Authority repeatedly for drug activity. They said that a SWAT team even showed up last August, but nothing has changed.

One car was riddled with so many bullets it was totaled.

Neighbors want accountability so they can feel safe in their own homes. Many are living in fear of retaliation.

“It’s crazy. I just want change. My whole family inside, my little brothers, they could have been running around downstairs. They could’ve got hit by a bullet,” the man said.