WASHINGTON (DC News Now) — Maryland was a major focus of the White House on Wednesday.

Joe Biden’s administration hosted a forum that had local leaders from around the state to hear more about how the president’s economic plans on topics like infrastructure and green jobs.

Called the “Communities in Action: Building a Better Maryland,” there was a pep talk and selling point for all billions in federal dollars available to states through the American Rescue Plan, the Inflation Reduction Act as well as the infrastructure law and the Science Act.

Leaders such as mayors, business owners and community leaders met with Biden administration officials like special presidential advisor and infrastructure coordinator Mitch Landrieu and national climate advisor Ali Zaidi.

“Maryland is such an important part. The president is trying to rebuild the country. He’s trying to create a manufacturing hub for the United States of America. Maryland has always played a special part in that,” said Landrieu, the former mayor of New Orleans.

Landrieu said the administration has pushed $185 billion in infrastructure dollars “out the door” with 7,000 projects going on all across the country.

“We have people from the community who understand that this $1.2 trillion for roads and bridges and airports and ports and waterways and high-speed internet, clean energy is really critically important,” he said.

Craig Rice, a Montgomery County councilman, said the dollars are needed.

“The key is that it needs to be flexible, allowing for local jurisdictions to understand what their community needs are,” Rice said. “Every community’s going to be different. And so how to best focus those dollars in a way that’s going to have the largest impact on the communities that need it the most.”

Brentwood Mayor Racio Treminio-Lopez said she doesn’t want Latinos to be forgotten amid the country’s economic rebound.

“I really had the honor to be representing not only my community in Brentwood but the Latino community as a whole in the state of Maryland,” she said. “As you know, we are fast-growing community, twenty percent in Prince George’s County. I want to be messenger to the community to tell them what happens today.”