WASHINGTON (DC News Now)–Thousands of Palestinians and supporters hit the streets near the White House Saturday to show support for those in Gaza.

“I’m proud to be from Gaza,” said one woman who did not want to give her name as she joined the march that left Lafayette Square.

She and others are not able to talk to family back in the region.

“There’s no communication anymore and we can’t tell anybody,” the woman said.

The demonstration happened a day after Israeli forces shut down communications in Gaza Friday. It’s the latest escalation of force by Israeli troops, as they signaled they’re moving closer to an all-out invasion of Gaza, and carry out their vow to crush Hamas terrorists.

“It’s basic humanity. And the fact is, is that the Israeli government, the Israeli Army does not look at the Palestinian people as humans,” said Diaz Foty, who has family in the region. “It’s the act of dehumanization. Exactly what we saw with the Nazis, it’s the Nazi agenda.”

Demonstrators also object to continued U.S. support of Israel.

A national march on Washington, D.C. to Free Palestine is set for November 4, at 2 p.m. at Freedom Plaza.