WASHINGTON (DC News Now) — The agency closely watching Metro’s safety practices has new concerns. On Sunday afternoon Metro’s board held an emergency meeting behind closed doors with safety and security matters on the agenda.

The board just met on Thursday for its regularly scheduled meeting. Last week the Washington Metrorail Safety Commission sent Metro a letter saying it wasn’t following its own plan.

The Washington Metrorail Safety Commission says Metro isn’t following the safety requirements they’ve outlined and are missing deadlines for corrective actions.

“When there are basic safety commitments made, we expect metro to stick to those basic safety commitments,” said WMSC Spokesperson Max Smith.

Smith says the latest issue is a lack of training for train operators. The WMSC says according to records, the operator who ran a red light last month on Dec. 6 only completed nine minutes of the eight hours of required yard practical training.

Then on Dec. 31, the WMSC says another operator, who stopped a train beyond the platform told them he didn’t get the proper practical training.

“When Metro Rail commits to doing something, we follow up, and if they’re not continuing to do something, we will, you know, act and that’s what we’re doing in this case,” Smith said.

Metro did announce Friday it would be enhancing rail operator training following its own internal investigation into the Dec. 6 incident, adding that 64 operators from recent training classes did not follow the proper training sequence and will be given supplemental simulator training

“Metro does not have enough train operators to operate its schedules safely and so that is part of an issue that they operationally are dealing with,” Smith said.

It is still unknown what was discussed in the emergency board executive session and if it was directly related to the WMSC’s most recent report.

Metro has not responded to DC News Now’s request for more information.