WASHINGTON (DC News Now) — Metro is testing new equipment at its Fort Totten Station that it hopes will reduce fare evaders.

New turnstiles installed Thursday have higher gates than the current ones. They’re designed to prevent those who don’t pay.

This is an added measure on top of $100 fines that have been in effect since November 1.

“I think that’s a good step,” said Drew Fletcher, a passenger. “I think that will help because right now they can just step right through the ones we have now. So I think that’s going to deter a lot of people from fare jumping.”

Not everyone agrees with these measures.

“Because of the way, even these, the way they’re made,” said Jimi Smalls. “Number one, just get your body up here and walk along this edge.”

Metro reported 367 fare jumpers between 7 a.m. and 8 a.m. Thursday. They are why METRO projects fare evaders will cost the transit company $40 million during the current fiscal year.

“I think it’s ridiculous,” Fletcher said. “I think Metro needs to do more about it.”

METRO will soon find out if its new additions help.

METRO has not said when it will start using the new gates. But signs in the station say it will be in 2023.