WASHINGTON (WDVM) — District residents are no stranger to Metrorail and Metrobus, but now there’s a place to go off the rails on the weekend: Metrobar.

Co-owner of the bar, Jesse Rauch, explained, “We had an idea to bring the community together, celebrate what makes D.C. great, and we thought why not do that with something iconic in the city: a Metro car.”

The train car is more than a prop. Coming soon, it will be an immersive part of the bar, with its own bar inside. Rauch said, “We will take the original back-to-back seats to create booths and new seating inside of the train car, along with tile floor pendant lights. You’ll still be drinking and eating on a metro, but it’ll feel like such a different experience.”

While the bar is a hat tip to the Metro system, which first began right across the street on Rhode Island Avenue, it brings the community together by serving only locally-made drinks and hosting locally-owned vendors. Rauch said, “All local distilleries, breweries, wineries. Local cider; everything is made here. We don’t have a kitchen at Metrobar, so instead, we get to support our local food trucks, and we have local food trucks here every day that we’re open.”

The bar was recently ranked in the top 18 best new bars in the District. It is open Thursday through Sunday every week. To keep up with events happening at Metrobar, be sure to follow them on social media.