WASHINGTON (DC News Now) — AAA predicts 48 million people will travel this holiday weekend.

“We are expecting a very busy Fourth of July holiday weekend here,” said Ragina Ali with AAA Public and Government Affairs. “(In) the DMV area we’re projecting about 1.63 million Washington DC metro residents will be traveling, despite the fact that we’re seeing the highest gas prices for this holiday ever on record.”

In the District, gas prices are averaging $5 per gallon.

Still, Ali said 90% of travelers will drive as opposed to flying.

“We do believe at AAA the number of travel volume by car remains high despite gas prices being higher because there have been so many challenges with the airlines,” she said.

“Normally on the holiday weekend we do try and get away,” said Gabrielle Giaon.

This year though, she’s staying home.

“Just because of the expense of gas and having to worry about that, on top of expensive hotel rates and food prices up right now, we made the decision not to travel,” she said.

Racquel Simril said the same thing.

“(On the Fourth) we always make it a whole family trip to the beach,” she said. “With prices and gas just a lot of things, we’re not doing it this year. We’re just going to chill at my deck, barbeque, have some drinks, have some friends over and just be at the house this year.”

Thursday is expected to be the busiest on the roads. Air travel will be the busiest Friday.