WASHINGTON (DC News Now) — The number of traffic cameras could more than double in the District in 2023.

Right now, there are 136 automated traffic enforcement cameras across the city, which ticket people for speeding, running red lights and blowing stop signs.

According to a spokesperson for DDOT, the 2023 budget includes nearly $10 million to expand the agency’s ATE program. That could cover up to 170 new speed, red lights, stop signs and bus lane cameras — as well as 25 school bus stop arm cameras. The exact locations and the number of cameras will be determined once an RFP is awarded.

It’s a measure Mayor Muriel Bowser supports.

“I am a huge fan of auto enforcement,” she said. “It allows us to have a broader and better and more efficient use of our people resources. And we have shown that it works.”

Not everyone agrees on the effectiveness of the cameras.

“I don’t think (cameras) make a big difference,” said Emma Kingsley, who lives in Palisades. “I think it actually creates some scary traffic patterns. They actually scare you, even if you’re going the proper speed limit, you see it and you slam on your breaks. It’s jarring.”

Jake Westermann isn’t opposed to adding more cameras if they’re placed in more useful areas.

“As a victim of those cameras myself, I think they serve a purpose,” he said. “But I don’t know they’re in the right spots.”

He’d like to see them considered for areas where children play, like side streets as opposed to main thoroughfares.

According to DDOT, ATE cameras are part of a larger strategy to make streets safer. Neighbors can recommend locations for automated traffic cameras at www.ddot.dc.gov