WASHINGTON (WDVM) — The Metropolitan Police Department says 41 people were arrested for Felony Rioting & Assault on Police Officer offenses after intentional fires were set and property was destroyed.

MPD says it started Thursday night in the 1800 Block of Columbia Road NW and the 1600 Block of V Street NW in Adams Morgan. Officers say multiple types of weapons were found, including knives, fireworks, and chemical irritants.

Two officers were injured but are expected to recover from injuries. MPD did not say how many civilians were hurt. Protesters were bringing attention to Black people who have been killed by police in the DC region. Witnesses at the protests documented videos on social media of violence carried out by police officers.

Some people were also charged with Arson, Defacing of Public or Private Property, Destruction of Public or Private Property, Defacing of US Government Property, and Resisting Arrest.

Below are photos the Metropolitan Police Department has shared showing the damage in the Adams Morgan neighborhood after the riots.

Videos were posted to Twitter that showed MPD using pepper spray on protesters but they declined to comment. MPD ALSO stated that they are not releasing any more information beyond the press release that was distributed on August 14, 2020.

Journalist Chuck Modiano witnessed the protests and stated that the protests were largely peaceful despite reports of violence. He stated, “So if you ask any protester about that, even the ones who have nothing to do with that, even the ones who are completely peaceful who are against hitting over a trash can or against property damage, they will all say one thing: we care more about human life than damaged property.”