WASHINGTON (DC News Now) — For a lot of Americans, Queen Elizabeth represented a stable force in the world, a leader who was a constant for the past seven decades.

“She was just such a great woman, I think represented, you know, so much of what a leader should be and, you know, touch so many generations. You know, it’s been such an important historical figure for, you know, all throughout the 70 years of her reign,” said Edward Rogers.

Rogers brought his young daughter to the British Embassy in Washington to pay respects. They weren’t the only people there.

“It’s just a shock and a sad moment and I felt that I needed to bring flowers,” said Evi Steele, who left flowers.

Steele was born in the U.K. but has been living in the U.S. her whole life.

“The monarchy has gone through a lot, but she’s always seemed to be like above politics and above chaos,” Steele said.

The U.S. and U.K. of course have a storied past.

“We celebrate the fact that we broke away from the British Empire in the late 18th century. And yet we still remain fascinated,” said Dr. Julie Taddeo, research professor of history at the University of Maryland. “All in the morning news shows continuously follow the lives of the Royals, and we read the tabloids.”

Taddeo says the two countries have a special relationship.

“We’re important economic allies, political allies, and so it is a relationship that we want to maintain and the monarchy puts the human face of government on,” Taddeo said.

But with a new prime minister and a new king, how will our relationship be moving forward?

“It’ll be fine. We already have established ties. As I say, Charles is primed for this role,” Taddeo said.

There is a public reaction from some as Americans reflected on the 25th anniversary of Princess Diana’s death.

“It isn’t just the role as monarch, but as a royal couple that… I think they both have work to do to enhance our relationship,” Taddeo said.

Taddeo said that in the coming days, we won’t be talking about the future but reflecting on the past.

“I have tremendous respect for the royal family, and I just want to pay tribute to our British friends and express my deepest condolences,” said Yazed Abunayan, who left flowers at the embassy.