WASHINGTON (DC News Now) — Police with the Metropolitan Police Department said the two suspects who attempted to rob an NFL rookie are believed to be teenagers.

According to Police Chief Robert Contee, Brian Robinson Jr., a rookie running back for the Commanders, was leaving a location on H Street NE Sunday around 5:30pm. That’s when two armed teenagers approached him and tried to rob him. Robinson was able to wrestle the gun from one teenager. However, the second teenager shot him.

“Just reckless use of a firearm yesterday,” said Contee.  “We’ve been making some progress in this case. We’ll continue to work this investigation.”

Robinson was taken to the hospital where he underwent surgery and will be okay.

A surveillance camera recorded footage of the two people whom police believe were responsible for the attempted robbery and shooting. The Metropolitan Police Department released still images from that footage Monday.

Surveillance images of the people whom the Metropolitan Police Department believes were responsible for the attempted robbery and shooting of Brian Robinson Jr. of the Washington Commanders.

Contee said MPD recovered a car in Prince George’s County that is believed to be the getaway car. It was reported stolen in Prince George’s County two days before.

The Chief said although this incident occurred, people should still feel safe in the area.

“Certainly when these situations are reported they make people feel less safe. When you have people use a firearm in broad day light in any of our communities,” said Contee. “The reality is we continue to drive violent crime down in our city.”

According to city data, overall crime in the District has held steady. However, violent crime is up 3%. There have also been 1,400 reported robberies so far this year. That’s up 17% from the same time last year.

When it comes to youth crime in particular, Mayor Muriel Bowser said the city is doing everything it can to prevent it.

“Every day we’re focused on how we get to young people who are disconnected,” said Mayor Muriel Bowser,” noting programs like Safe Passage and Credible Messengers.

Still, she said kids committing crime need to be held accountable.

“We also need young people to face consequences. MPD is going to locate who is responsible for this crime,” said the mayor.