WASHINGTON (WDVM) — Time is running out for the homeless camp at Columbus Circle at Union Station. The National Park Service is expected to remove what’s left of the camp starting at 7:00 a.m. Tuesday.

“It’s really tough that I give it because I have been doing that for 11 years,” said Lindsay Roberts, one of the people who call the camp home.

The camp sits on National Park Service land. It had suspended clearing homeless camps due to the pandemic.

The National Parks Service posted notices around the camp explaining why the evictions would resume. It wants to clean up the area, and improve the park, while also getting rid of a rodent infestation.

That decision, say, homeless advocates, has scared those in the tents.

“Especially for the individuals who already have so much stress in life,” said Ami Angell, the executive director of the H3 Project, which works with the homeless. “They have so many vulnerabilities. This just stacked their plate up even higher.”

By late Monday, just over a dozen tents remained at the site. That’s down from the 32 people that lived there.

“I’m not scared. I’ve been doing it for 11 years,” said Roberts, who, like so many others at the Columbus Circle location, will have to find a new place to call home.

Meanwhile, Angell said those who stayed at the people could be taken to a hotel while a permanent solution is found. H3 plans to work with various agencies and the Washington government to find a permanent solution.