WASHINGTON (DC News Now) — Major League Baseball postponed games in Philadelphia and New York Wednesday night due to concerning air quality from wildfire smoke descending from Canada across the east coast.

However, the game at Nationals Park in D.C. was not postponed.

“I would prefer they don’t (cancel it) because we’re only here for a week, but I understand why they would if they had to,” said Danielle Cosby, who was attending the game with her family.

Cosby was visiting D.C. from Denver and said the haze was noticeable.

“My son has had to use his inhaler a lot more than normal,” she said. “I’m a little bit worried about it, but we do want to come to the game.”

Nationals fan Derek Owens said he didn’t notice a difference in the air quality.

“Earlier my tennis crew, they were like we’re not playing today, air quality is bad. But I don’t feel it right now. Hopefully I won’t and I’m going to enjoy the game tonight,” he said.

The District issued a Code Red Air Quality Alert. And, recommended that people avoid exercise or strenuous activities outdoors.

The Department of Parks and Recreation canceled all outdoor programming. D.C. Public Schools canceled all outdoor activities and recess. And, the Wharf canceled a concert on the dock.

“It seems a little bit hazy. The smell is not that strong, but I did as I was walking, I did feel a little burning in my nose,” said Michelle Wynter, who was visiting from Philadelphia.  “So, that did change things a little bit for us as far as sitting outside and eating.”