WASHINGTON (DC News Now) — The audit of Metrorail’s procedures ranging from safety to communications to maintenance has been released citing almost 10 issues. The latest audit has to do with the communication systems of train operations with a lot of issues relating back to a lack of communication within WMATA.

Some riders were surprised by the audit saying issues with metro are almost normal at this point. But some were just frustrated with the constant issues plaguing the train systems.

Cory waldron, metro rider: “nothing really surprises me in terms of the gaps it’s more about how they continuouly can not find ways to improve the system.

In the latest audit by the Washington Metrorail safety commission, 9 things were cited and WMATA needs to create plans to address them… Relating to the communications within the system… Reporting that metro is not properly addressing or even documenting issues and a lack of training for some employees. All of these issues are leaving riders on edge…

Cory waldron, metro rider: “you look around, you wonder if your car is going to get rear-ended or potentially be the one driving into the back of a train. You think about how close you are to the conductor bay in case if you want to overhear the communications that are coming in from the operations control in case there’s a smoking incident.

The audit also reported deterioration of communications rooms necessary for train systems to function… As well as improper storage of equipment… Which could lead to the failure of such systems and more safety issues for staff, riders, and emergency personnel…

Some riders I spoke to even reconsidered getting on another metro train again.

Sot rider kathleen sorie, metro rider: “after hearing about all this, I don’t feel comfortable going on the train, getting on the train. Like I’m very hesitant. Even though it’s kinda less convenient than the metro, I feel safer and more comfortable using the bus.”

Wmata has responded to the audit saying in part:

We appreciate the wmsc’s recognition of metro’s radio infrastructure replacement capital improvement project and the implementation of reliability analysis and tracking as positive practices. We will work to implement corrective actions to address the wmsc’s findings and recommendations without delay.

But some riders aren’t holding their breath and are out of alternative commuting options.

Paul ramey, metro rider: “ truthfully, I don’t think I can afford a car so I’m stuck using the metro either way.”

Cory waldron, metro rider: “the lack of alternatives considering the traffic in the area is so outrageous that unfortunately, you’re kinda stuck with it.”

Wmata needs to create a plan to address each of these findings and that must be filed in the next 30 days.