(WASHINGTON) DC News Now — When you first walk inside the Walmart store on H Street in Northwest D.C., things look pretty normal. Cosmetic products line the shelves, clothing is hanging on the rack, and the pharmacy is open.

But it’s a totally different story in the grocery section.

From deli meats to dairy, and from frozen meals to fresh fruits, parts of the H Street Walmart are barren. Several shelves running through parts of the store are empty after a refrigerator outage.

Almost all of the fruits and vegetable crates are empty at the H Street location.

Virtually anything that requires refrigeration or freezing is either dangerously low in stock, or entirely off the shelf.

Several frequent customers of the store say its an issue that’s persisted for weeks.

A Walmart spokesperson told DC News Now that the refrigerator issue has been fixed and shelves will be fully restocked by Monday night (Jan. 9).

“We apologize to our customers for any inconvenience that the refrigeration outage at the Walmart at 99 H St NW may have caused. We have been actively working to repair the refrigeration system,” the company said.