WASHINGTON (DC News Now) — The Washington Commanders are a hot topic on the Grant and Danny Show on 106.7 the Fan radio. But not just their on-the-field issues.

The hosts spent part of their Wednesday show discussing an upcoming news conference about the team. Attorney General for the District of Columbia Karl Racine will make an announcement regarding the Commanders Thursday.

“It’s just another log on an enormous pile that’s been happening here for decades,” said co-host Danny Rouhier. “Everything that ranges from, that brushes up against criminal, to lack of decency.”

The announcement is the latest legal challenge for team owner Dan Snyder.

“It’s disheartening I think as someone who follows this team, who cares about the well-being of this team,” said co-host Grant Paulsen.

Snyder is already under investigation by Congress, which is looking into claims of sexual harassment inside the organization. Rouhier is among those who hope Thursday’s announcement could mark the beginning of the end of Snyder’s term as owner.

“The snowball is kind of heading down the mountain here. We’re looking for that avalanche as fans,” Rouhier said. “We just want to be rid of this guy, want to be out from underneath the yolk of this atrocious owner in charge of something that is beloved, and now is very downtrodden.”

The two hosts make their living talking sports. But that’s been a challenge due to Snyder.

“We just don’t get to talk that much about any of that right now,” Paulsen said. “I want every week to focus on the upcoming game and the opponent, and do a normal sports radio show. We don’t get that opportunity here.”

As much as the hosts want to discuss the Commanders’ next game, they’ve got a pretty good idea of the lead story during Thursday’s broadcast.