WASHINGTON (DC News Now)—A historic jazz club was closed Wednesday after crews responded to a call for a fire in the attic Tuesday.

“It was just an ordinary Tuesday night at Blues Alley Jazz. We had our act prepared to come on. We opened our doors at 6 p.m.,” said owner Harry Schnipper. “We noticed there was smoke in the alley, somebody approached us and said there may be a fire in your building.”

According to a tweet by DC Fire and EMS, “Fire in the attic space of this old building posed real challenges for firefighters. The fire burning below quickly compromised the roof, causing 1 firefighter to partially fall through. He quickly extricated himself.”

However Schnipper said patrons inside, including himself, didn’t notice anything was going on.

“We had no inkling that there was anything going on. It was apparently something smoldering in the attic and it failed to significantly ignite,” he said.

Schnipper said there was no significant damage to the building, aside from water damage caused by fire crews.

“We did have some water damage to our sound system. There’s no soot, no smoke damage whatsoever, so we’re going to try and remediate the water,” he said.

Schnipper is optimistic the club will reopen next week.

Wednesday, he placed the words “like a phoenix we will rise” on a sign out front of the building.

“Come back Tuesday, November 1 when we reopen,” said Schnipper. “I have no expectation that we’re going to interrupt (our schedule). We survived the pandemic, we’re going to survive this minor wrinkle in our history.”

Blues Alley is located in they alleyway off of Wisconsin Avenue in Georgetown. It’s the longest continually running jazz supper club in the nation.