WASHINGTON (DC News Now) — Wednesday’s deadly shooting at the Potomac Avenue Metro Station shocked many people.

“I just think it’s really scary. So close to my house and stuff. It’s like so scary,” said Metro passenger Laura Jamie.

The shooting left one Metro employee dead and three people wounded.

“I’m really shocked, and I’m really disappointed,” said Reem Mesfin, another Metro passenger. “It seems like a lot of stuff has been going on in the Metro station lately.”

A slew of violence has taken place in and around Metro stations in the past year.

19-year-old Bacari Colvin died in a shooting on January 22 in the parking lot of the Southern Avenue Metro Station in Hillcrest Heights. 17-year-old D’hani Rispus of Washington, D.C., remains in custody for this incident. He’s awaiting trial on several charges, including first and second-degree murder.

D.C. Police arrested Tyriq Williams for the January 7 shooting that claimed the life of Terry Clark outside the Navy Yard Station, located a couple of blocks from Nationals Park.

17-year-old Martez Toney died in a hail of bullets on January 2, when someone opened fire at the Congress Heights Metro Station. Police believe the gunman targeted Toney, but the shooting also wounded a 14-year-old boy and a woman. Police were still searching for the suspect.

In another incident, an unidentified FBI agent shot and killed Troy Bullock as they fought in the Metro Center Station on December 7. The shooting happened after the two men fell eight feet over a wall. Police said Bullock committed three offenses, including being a convicted felon in possession of a weapon.

Wednesday’s deadly shooting may be the final straw for some passengers.

“I’ve thought about it, so has my mom especially. She’s been thinking about not letting me ride it anymore,” Mesfin said.

It’s not only the trains that could lose passengers. Passengers said the recent violence on Metro buses has them thinking about finding other ways to get around the city.