WASHINGTON (DC News Now) — Sunday, September 11, marks the 21st anniversary of the worst terrorist attack in American history.

Now, a Massachusetts man is on a unique journey in the DC area this weekend to honor those on the four hijacked planes

Paul Veneto pushed a beverage cart used on airlines, from Boston to New York last year as a tribute to United Airlines Flight 175. The second jet that crashed into the Word Trade Center.

Veneto is a ritred flight attendant, he flew into Boston the night before the flght left on its final flight. Seven of his fellow flight attendants were onboard.

Veneto begins the second leg of his journey later this morning, Thursday, September 8. He will push the cart from Dulles International Airport, and follow the path American Airlines Flight 77 took before it hit the Pentagon.

Veneto has said that this is his tribute to the flight attendants killed on 9/11.