WASHINGTON (DC News Now) — The death of Queen Elizabeth II surprised many people, even though it had been expected for a while.

“It predates my birth, it even predates my brother’s birth,” said Pete Spencer, originally from England, and now a teacher at Suitland High School. ” He’s older than me. It feels like the end of the modern jet age.”

Spencer is among those who watched the news of the death at Queen Vic British Pub.

The death at the age of 96, came just months after the Queen celebrated her 70th year on the throne. The loss proved to be especially difficult for one of the pub’s owners.

“She was saddened by it. She was born in Liverpool, raised in Wales,” said Ryan Gordon of his wife, Roneeka. “It’s a whole different world over there compared to what we know here.”

Queen Elizabeth’s long reign was woven into the fabric of her country’s identity.

“She’s always been there. She’s bigger than life,” Gordon said. “It’s just one of those things like everyone I know in the U.K., she’s been the monarch, she’s been the queen the whole time.”

The news from Great Britain will remain on most of the screens here for customers in the days to come. But Gordon didn’t need a TV to know what is happening overseas.

“My wife’s cousin is a reporter for BBC,” said Gordon. “She’s doing, probably for the next 10 days, while we go through all this.”

Gordon said he expects a large crowd at the pub for the funeral of Queen Elizabeth II, and the coronation of the new ruler, King Charles III.