WASHINGTON (DC News Now) — Now when you think of a day off in the winter, you probably picture sledding, snowball fights, and maybe even ice skating. But there are some places you can’t take some ice skates for a spin in the District.

With our recent drop in temperatures, bodies of water like the Lincoln Memorial and Capitol Reflecting Pools have frozen over. But don’t be tempted to venture out on the ice.

Video courtesy of Evyn Moon

People have been seen both in person and on videos posted to social media walking and sliding across the ice at frozen ponds and pools across the District.

Photo courtesy of Harris & Ewing Photographs

While ice skating on the Lincoln Memorial Reflecting Pool was common during the 1920s and 1930s — as seen in archived photos from the Library of Congress — ice skating is now banned by the National Park Service.

Photo courtesy of the Library of Congress

One person said that’s for good reason.

Aryan Adhikari is visiting from Knoxville, Tennessee for the holidays. He was stunned to see people standing on the Capitol Reflecting Pool. He was curious enough to stomp on the surface but didn’t dare put his full weight on the ice.

“It seems kind of foolish because an ice skating rink is designed to be skated on and this is just a lake that’s been frozen over by the weather,” Adhikari said. “I don’t know how deeply frozen it is. I would just tap on it, maybe like just see if it cracks or not, but I wouldn’t fully stand on it.”

If you do want to try your hand at ice skating, there are supervised places across the District. The National Park Service also allows ice skating on Constitution Gardens Lake but only at certain times and when proper signage is posted.