WASHINGTON (WDVM) — Thousands of truckers made their way back to the D.C. region for the second day of The People’s Convoy, looping around the Capital Beltway to make their voices heard when it comes to demanding an end to COVID-19 restrictions.

“These truckers just really want to be out there, make their voices heard, and show they were a huge part of how we survived this pandemic,” said Erica Knight, spokesperson for the movement.

On Monday, the convoy took up two highway lanes and made one large loop around the Beltway before heading back to Hagerstown for the evening. This was the second day the group drove toward the region, having looped the Beltway a total of four times on Sunday.

While the convoy comes when many COVID-19 restrictions are being lifted, Knight says the message is now addressing other issues, such as the Keystone Pipeline and energy independence.

“The government was putting these mandates and controls on them when they were our essential workers here, and I think it’s more of a show of solidarity at this point,” said Knight.

Local law enforcement is working together to prepare for potentially more days of traffic congestion due to the convoy. Maryland State Police said they would address any law violations while also respecting the public’s First Amendment rights.

Those rights are what brought supporters like Matt Zolbe out to an overpass along Leesburg Pike to watch the trucks as they came down the Beltway.

“I believe that a society with limited government that respects individual rights and individual liberties, is best for all,” said Zolbe. “At its core, I think this convoy stands for those basic principles.”

Knight says members of the convoy are set to meet with Congress on Tuesday, followed by a press briefing around 3 p.m.

As of now, Knight says the truckers will meet with Congressman Matt Gaetz and Rep. Madison Cawthorn. The meeting was originally supposed to occur on Monday, but was postponed when Gaetz’s flight into DCA was canceled due to high winds, said Knight.