WASHINGTON (WDVM) — After day three of looping the beltway, the People’s Convoy said that they will not stop looping until they are heard. Senator Ted Cruz (R-TX) and Senator Ron Johnson (R-WI) held a press conference after meeting with some who are part of the People’s Convoy.

These people are not all truckers. Doctors, young people about to start college, educators are also in the mix. The convoy currently occupies two lanes and covers about 6-7 miles. On the first day, they occupied 64 miles of one lane. Two other convoys have now joined in.

Brian Brase, co-organizer of the People’s Convoy, said, “I’m a truck driver. I don’t know whether the vaccine is good or bad. I just know that I deserve the choice to decide for myself. I know that there are professionals that can educate those to whether it’s good or bad. I know that there are two sides. There are doctors that stand by it, and there are doctors who stand against it. The people’s convoy, we’re not anti-vaxxers. We’re just pro-choice.”

People in the convoy said that they are going to keep doing what they’re doing until they feel they have been heard by our representatives. They want to meet with anyone and everyone who will hear them, saying that it is not an issue leaning right or left.

They are also encouraging people and representatives to go to Hagerstown at night to speak with truckers and drivers one-on-one.

If action is not made federally — the convoy that is here says they’ll be staying, but they will issue a call to action to others nationwide to do the same in their state capitals. They’re looking for action from lawmakers on all sides and from the Biden administration.

“Mandates are starting to roll back, you’re absolutely right. Mask mandates started to roll back, pretty much as soon as we started kicking off from California. I chalk that up as a small win for the People’s Convoy. You’re welcome. We’re going to continue doing this. We’re going to continue going until the vaccine mandate and the state of emergency is lifted. Period,” Brase said.