WASHINGTON (DC News Now) — DC councilmembers approved plans to establish an Office of Migrant Services in the city on Tuesday.

This means immediate help for migrants who end up in DC — they’ll have their basic needs met, along with some legal help.

“We’ve been welcoming immigrants for generations here to the District of Columbia, and we’ll keep doing it. But this office will allow us to serve them the way that they deserve,” said councilmember Brianne Nadeau.

Since April, Texas has bused about 8,000 migrants to Washington, AP said. More than 100 migrants arrived at the Vice President’s doorstep just last week, many without proper clothing. Some of these migrants had no intention to stay in the District, instead saying that they had plans to make their way to family in different parts of the country.

Texas governor Greg Abbott says there is likely no end on the horizon.

“Until the Biden-Harris administration stops denying the border crisis they’ve created, Texas will continue bringing the border to their front door,” he said.

This prompted the introduction of the Migrant Services and Supports Emergency Act.

“We are setting this office up through emergency legislation, it gives the mayor the opportunity to really build it out and determine what needs there are but at the outset, we know there’ll be providing temporary housing they’ll be providing case management, they’ll providing transportation and working to fulfill all the needs of the migrants who’ve arrived,” said Nadeau.

The creation of the office of migrant services is a welcome resource to migrants and the community organizations tasked with helping migrants when they arrive in the district.

“Probably most of these services are going to be through contracts with different nonprofit organizations that work here,” Nadeau said. “There will be some services we’re providing directly. We will be doing some case management, providing transportation, temporary housing, but a lot of the work is going to be done through partnerships.”

The bill will be effective immediately and stay in effect for no more than 90 days