WASHINGTON (DC News Now) — The Metropolitan Police Department (MPD) provided an update Wednesday to a shooting in which a man died on Tuesday.

Police said during the incident, officers opened fire, but that the man, Savontae Dodie Perkins, 40, shot and killed himself.

MPD said officers went to the 1400 block of Park Rd. NW around 11:30 p.m. on Monday after they received a report about gunshots. When police arrived, they found flattened tires on cars and evidence of gunfire. They also found out that an assault had taken place and that one of the people involved in it had a gun. The people who were part of the assault left before officers got there.

Police looked at security footage from a business that showed the incident. That gave them video evidence and descriptions of the people involved.

While officers were in the area investigating, they saw someone who matched the description of the man who had the gun around 12:15 a.m. Tuesday. MPD said that person, Perkins, walked towards 14th Street NW and that officers asked him to stop. He didn’t, and that’s when they saw he had a gun.

Police said he fired at the officers, and that two of them fired back. MPD said Perkins ran and fired additional shots, but officers didn’t follow him. Instead, they radioed a description of Perkins, whom other officers spotted with a gun in the 1400 block of Meridian Pl. NW. Those officer saw Perkins run into an alley. An officer heard a single gunshot and found Perkins dead. A witness said he/she saw Perkins come into the alley and shoot himself. Police said they recovered his gun.

(Metropolitan Police Department)

The officers involved were placed on leave, pursuant to MPD policy. As of Wednesday, body camera footage was under review.