WASHINGTON (WDVM) — Dozens of pro-life activists met in front of the District of Columbia Chief Medical Examiner’s Office on Friday, April 8. The group was demanding autopsies be performed on the five fetuses that were recovered by D.C. Police on March 30.

Multiple pro-life groups from all across the country were represented at the protest. The people believe that the fetuses were aborted illegally and want some answers. Savanna Deretich, Public Relations and Police Coordinator for Students for Life Action, said, “If we don’t get to the bottom of this, it’s going to continue and more innocent babies will be dismembered and brutally killed, and no one deserves that.”

Lauren Handy, the Director of Activism for Progressive Anti-Abortion Uprising, and also the woman who’s home the fetuses were recovered from, said, “There is possible violent crimes committed on the children that were found. It’s pretty simple and it should be a simple request.”

WDVM has submitted FOIA requests for the initial Medical Examiner’s report, but that request has not yet been filled.

Activists said there has not been enough time for the medical examiner to conduct thorough autopsies, but D.C. Police have said that no local laws have been broken. Handy said, “In all honest, I just want the trust. If the truth is that they were aborted according to D.C. law, then that’s the truth. But then, the second demand is a proper burial.”

In addition to a request for a local investigation, the group is still calling on the Department of Justice to investigate. WDVM reached out to them and was told that the DOJ can not confirm, deny or comment on any investigation or possible investigation.