WASHINGTON (DC News Now)—Monday night employees of the DC Public Library system gathered to honor Special Officer Maurica Manyan, who was shot and killed during a training exercise at the Anacostia Library last week.

Manyan served as a library officer.

“I didn’t even believe I was hearing it. It wasn’t true, it wasn’t true until I saw it on the news,” said Dawn Fox, who works at the Deanwood Library.

According to police, retired MPD officer Jesse Porter has been charged with involuntary manslaughter. Porter, who was leading the exercise, is accused of firing his gun and hitting Manyan.

Colleagues of Manyan met outside the Anacostia Library to light candles and leave flowers, including her fellow library officers.

Some said she is irreplaceable.

“He contagious smile, even with the mask. You could see the smile in her eye, just the glean. And that’s hard to think you won’t see it again,” said Fox.

Fox made placards for people to hold with Manyan’s picture on it. She said the group had to unite to grieve because they are a family.

“We had to. We needed to. As a DCPL family, we suffered a loss. Like any family, we suffer a loss, and it hurts. There’s sorrow; there’s confusion. There’s grief. There’s not understanding, and so today we came, it was an as safe place, it was here,” said Fox.