WASHINGTON (DC News Now) — Sunday marked 59 years since the march on Washington. Locals and tourists flocked to the Martin Luther King, Jr. Memorial to remember his speech.

“It’s the anniversary of the speech. We went and visited the Washington Monument and a spot that he spoke from and taught my kids about it. Fantastic educational opportunity,” said David Miller, who was visiting from Pigeon Forge, Tennessee.

For many, MLK’s speech 59 years ago symbolizes a turning point in recognizing wrongs across the country.

“We have come a long way but we get we still got a long way to go. Unfortunately, ignorance is something racism something that I believe is taught so until people stop teaching hate there will always be hate,” said Marcell Robinson, a D.C. resident.

D.C. resident Ansa Tyus was just a teenager by herself at the march, but she remembers it well.

“It was just such a beautiful day. I mean, it was almost like a love test,” she said.

Courtland Cox was one of the organizers of the march and John Lewis’s representative on the coordinating committee.

“As people were speaking and at the podium at the lincoln memorial, we were in the back of the lincoln memorial, making changes to John’s speech, but John was so good. Nobody ever noticed that,” Cox said.

He said that the efforts of people such as Lewis, MLK, and many others, change came a year after the historic march with the 1964 Civil Rights Bill, which ended segregation federally.

While Cox is proud of how far the country has come, he said there’s still a long way to go.

“With the death of George Floyd and everything, you know… It’s almost like we’re going back 20 years, in many respects,” Tyus said.

“But from where we were in 1963, we have made tremendous strides,” Cox said.