(DC News Now) — Inflation rates are the highest they have been in decades, but D.C. News Now wants to help keep those costs down when you shop.

Consumers will start seeing some major deals in department stores like Target and Macy’s.
Purchases during the pandemic have been delayed getting to the store shelves, and as lockdown restrictions eased, Americans started spending their cash on concerts and dining.

Now, retailers have a problem on their hands — too much inventory from those purchases made two years ago, and not enough warehouse space to store it.

Consumers can expect large deals on home décor items ordered during quarantine, electronics, and clothing. Some retail analysts say those savings could be as large as 50-70%.

Macy’s tells D.C. News Now they are working to re-balance and align inventory to meet customer demand by “…leveraging our pricing science, personalization and demand forecasting capabilities. Pricing is fluid and based on demand levels we see in different geographic locations.”

Greg Buzek, president of retail research firm IHL Group, says these deals could last a while, even into 2023.

“This is not going away. Right now, one in four shipping containers in the world is parked off the coast of China because of the lockdowns in Shanghai,” said Buzek. “As a result, that merchandise that was ordered for back to school season is going to be late. We’re going to see another series of discounts that hit in September and October timeframe.”

Buzek says you can also score some big deals during Amazon Prime Day.