WASHINGTON (DC News Now) — Some local visitors to the Harriet Tubman Museum in Cambridge, Md. will be taking a different approach to learning about Tubman and the Underground Railroad.

Besides visiting the exhibits dedicated to Tubman, a group will retrace the nearly 25 miles Tubman used to get 70 former slaves to freedom.

“You know, she is one of my heroes personally, as well as a lot of people,” said Sharon Robinson Goods, the executive director of Wisdom Walkers, which organized the October 7-8 trip to the museum and trail.

“It’s really inspiring to know that my ancestor was able to do that,” said Sandra Magwood, another member of the group who will make the trip. “And so it gives me more of a spirit of wanting to continue on.”

Wisdom Walkers promotes healthy lifestyles in the Black community.

“Well, what’s important is really that African Americans have the highest morbidity and mortality rates in the country,” Goods said as the reason why she formed the group in 2021.

She, Magwood, and others stroll around Rock Creek Park, part of their weekend routine with Wisdom Walkers.

“I just loved the fact that it’s mind and body, you know,” said Magwood. “It’s healthy for my body, but it also kind of helps my spirit walking outside.”

The group typically walks about five miles around Ross Creek Park each time they head out on the trail. That number will double during their trip to learn about the “conductor” of the Underground Railroad.

“If Harriet Tubman can walk that trail 125 miles carrying a musket, we feel we could probably put on our tennis shoes and do as much of it as we can,” said Goods.

She and others will do each mile one step at a time.