WASHINGTON (DC News Now) — A staffer to Kentucky Senator Rand Paul was stabbed on H Street in broad daylight on Saturday, putting the District’s crime problems into the nation’s spotlight.

The attack also sparked more interest from Republicans in Congress looking to flex more oversight over the District given the crime problems.

It’s caused a sobering conversation about how to solve violent crime in the District from its residents divided over whether more Congressional oversight is necessary.

Amy Searight of D.C. said she has concerns about safety.

“Like all my neighbors, we are certainly concerned. There’s certainly been an uptick in carjackings and assaults on the street,” Searight said.

Republicans controlling the House Oversight Committee led by Republican U.S. Rep. James Comer of Kentucky are expected to make crime in D.C. a central focus with homicides up from last year.

“It’s definitely concerning that Congress is getting involved in D.C. affairs,” Searight said. “I’m very pro-D.C. independence, but the crime stuff is concerning, too.”

Paul’s staffer was not the only person who works in Congress who has been attacked lately. Rep. Angie Craig (D-Mn.) was attacked in the lobby of her building, about a mile from the H Street stabbing.

“I don’t support Congress getting directly involved, but I do understand the rising concern around crime,” Searight added.

Tiffany Lyon of D.C. said she’s worried about crime as well. She said she doesn’t see Congressional help as a bad thing.

“It is out of control, I guess,” Lyon said of crime in the District. “Yeah, Congress should actually get involved and get communicating with the community and try to figure out what they can do to actually help out.”

Lyon is all for D.C. independence, but she said crime is too important to ignore.

“They probably do need to step in but, like I said, knowing what the people actually want and would like to see the difference in the community,” Lyon said.

Searight said she still has hope that D.C. can solve its crime problem.

“I wish our city government could do more to tackle it,” Searight said.

Phillip Todd’s parents Chuck and Helen Todd also provided a statement on Phillips’s condition in a statement released Wednesday, March 29, 2023, saying:

“As the parents of Phillip Todd, we would like to give an update on our son’s condition, which will hopefully answer many of the questions we’ve received. In return, we ask to respect our privacy and the privacy of our extended family so that we can focus on our son’s recovery. 

“He was randomly and brutally attacked by a person armed with a knife, who, according to the police report, attempted to kill him. The intervention of our son’s friend helped prevent the wounds from being fatal.

“Our son is in a stable condition, having undergone trauma surgery to address the wounds in his body.  He also has a fracture on his skull, which will be treated with non-invasive neurosurgery. He is expected to make a full recovery due to his young age and good health.

“Our son and our family draw strength from our faith to see us through this challenging time. Phillip is conscious and alert and has repeatedly stated, “the joy of the Lord is my strength” (Nehemiah 8:10). 

“We are impressed with the professionalism of the Washington D.C. police department in capturing the attacker, with the EMS and first responders’ quick response at the scene, and with the staff at the hospital in treating our son’s injuries. 

“Most of all, we are impressed with the love and support of Phillip’s many friends, the Antioch Church, Washington D.C., his current and former colleagues, and even those Phillip doesn’t know personally. 

“We are thankful for Senator Paul and his Chief of Staff for making a personal visit to encourage Phillip, and Senate Chaplain Reverend Black for praying over Phillip, and everyone who has reached out with prayers and offers to help.

“Our hope is that Washington D.C. continues to be the safe and beautiful city our son loves so much.”