WASHINGTON (DC News Now) — Serena Hargraves simply wasn’t having it. Her anger was palpable as she gave Mayor Muriel Bowser and Police Chief Robert Contee an earful on Friday about the killing of her brother by a police officer.

“That’s my brother,” Serena Hargraves shouted at Bowser. “You guys are saying, ‘gun, gun, gun.’ That never happened on that video. I seen it. It never happened.”

Kevin Hargraves-Shird, 31, died after a police officer shot him in the head on July 30.

Hargraves’ ire was met by a stunned Bowser who allowed Hargraves to interrupt a news conference that centered around the release of body camera footage taken the day the officer shot and killed Hargraves-Shird in Northwest.

Hargraves first cut off Bowser after DC News Now asked the mayor how she felt about the video, especially given the fact that Hargraves-Shird’s family was there.

The mayor and police chief remained composed as Hargraves and her associates continued to interrupt, beckoning Bowser not to cover up details of the shooting and to hold the officer accountable.

After the interruptions, the mayor responded, “What we said from the outset is what we know right now is what we can see on the video. The video has been released and people can see and confirm what the chief said.”

Metropolitan Police Department (MPD) said officers believed Hargraves-Shird was involved in a shooting that took place at Longfellow Street NW and Georgia Avenue NW on July 30. Police followed a car that may have had something to do with the shooting.

Hargraves-Shird was one of the people in the car. Police said the car stopped around 2nd and Madison streets NW and the people inside it got out.

One of the officers said Hargraves-Shird had a gun and that he didn’t follow commands from police. The officer fired, hitting Hargraves-Shird. He died at the hospital.

Before the confrontation with Hargraves-Shird’s sister, the mayor said, “We never want to see any of our community members involved in a gun exchange and that includes our police officers and those that they are seeking to stop.”

Bowser said the police department’s internal affairs division and the U.S. Attorney’s Office for the District of Columbia is investigating the shooting, which is required by law when there is a police shooting in the District.

The officer who fired at Hargraves-Shird is Sgt. Reinaldo Otero-Camacho, a 17-year veteran of the department assigned to the Fourth District. He was put on administrative leave, which is standard in situations such as this.

After the news conference, Hargraves and others talked to reporters about their discontent with Bowser and Contee.

“The police chief and the mayor didn’t have answers for y’all,” Hargraves said. “They don’t have answers because they know what happened. They seen what happened. As I stated before, he’s the only officer on the scene. And he murdered my brother. That’s it. Point blank. Period. And I need him to be prosecuted to the fullest extent of the law.”