WASHINGTON (DC News Now) — Tributes to Maurica Manyan sit in the window of the conference room at the Anacostia Library.

This is where the 25-year-old library police officer died during an August 6, 2022 training session. A bullet hit Manyan while she and others trained with police batons. Jesse Porter, 58, a former D.C. Police lieutenant who oversaw the exercise, is charged with involuntary manslaughter while armed. Porter received a continuance Friday, as the grand jury has yet to formally charge him.

“Family members have a lot of questions have a lot of questions as to what happened that day. And frankly would like to see rather see rather than speculating in their own minds,” said Chris Kleppin,, the family attorney. ” As you can imagine how one would do that. They would like to see some of the real evidence, which is essentially public property.”

Part of the evidence Kleppin wants is security from inside the conference room at the time of the shooting. Something else the family wants, according to kleppin-money owed for manyon’s funeral.

“Here we are today, six months later, despite letters, phone calls, all the diligence one would do to have those monies reimbursed, and they’re not,” Kleppin said.

Kleppin said the grand jury has until April 4 to charge and indict Porter.

Members of the Manyon Family canceled a Saturday service at the library to honor the fallen officer. Kleppin said it would have been too emotional for them to be at the site where Manyon died.