WASHINGTON (DC News Now) — It was the hottest day of the season so far, and bands heated up the stage as they prepared for the start of “Something in the Water.” There’s something even hotter in downtown D.C. — the weather.

The noon-time temperature soared into the mid-90’s, reaching record temperaures.

“We wanted to see the beautiful city, even if it’s too warm,” said Raquel Olivenga, a first time visitor from Portugal.

“Portugal, it’s quite hot sometimes. It’s not like this,” said Olivenga’s companion, Amaro Fernandes. “But it’s okay, it’s okay. It’s worth it.”

Others went for a stroll along the National Mall. Some simply took in the sites while in town to visit.

“We’re actually here for a wedding,” said Jina Kwak.

However, the weather is the only thing that has put a damper on the celebration.

“Not as excited about the heat,” Kwak said. “We’re here from Chicago which was also boiling two days ago. So a little more acclimated.”

Others in the party took it all in stride.

“We have heat too,” said Joy Peplinski. “It’s intermixed with cold so the heat is good for a novelty.”

Many people found relief in the shade, along with something cold to drink.

As tempting as the fountains were, they are strictly for show. The only something in the water allowed this weekend in this part of D.C. is the music.

Other tips from the Mayor’s Office to help you during high heat like this—-stay indoors with air conditioning if possible. Otherwise check to see what cooling centers are available. Also drink plenty of fluids. But stay away from those with alcohol, caffeine, or large amounts of sugar.  Plus wear plenty of sunscreen if you are outdoors.