WASHINGTON (DC News Now) — The District is considering housing migrants at the Sherwood Recreation Center. Sources told DC News Now it’s an option as more migrants are sent to the city from states along the Southern Border.

“We’re in a position to host people and provide resources,” said Brett Heimann, who lives near the building. “But I hope other parts of the country can provide resources.”

47 migrants from Texas got dropped off outside the U.S. Naval Observatory, the home of Vice President Kamala Harris on May 10. More arrived a couple of days later.

Their arrival came as the District ran out of room to house them. The Department of Human Services, which runs the Office of Migrant Services, announced last week it temporarily paused taking in new migrants.

There’s a push by immigration groups for more federal and local funds to help the migrants.

“How do we get people into a system and emergency shelter, but be able to get them out of the other end so they can be independent and self-sustaining,” said Abel Nunez, executive director of the Central American Resource Center.

Nunez fears migrants could be forced onto D.C. streets without a shelter. Plus, they could put an even larger financial strain on the District when they use tax-supported items such as schools, and hospitals.

Part of the solution may soon be found at this recreation center.

District leaders, including the Mayor’s office, did not respond to DC News Now’s request to comment at the time of publication.

Sources described the situation with the Sherwood Recreation Center as “constantly evolving.”