WASHINGTON (DC News Now) — On Tuesday, Delaware Senator Tom Carper is expected to announce a Senate bill pushing for D.C. statehood.

The announcement will be made alongside Congresswoman Eleanor Holmes Norton, Mayor Muriel Bowser, Senator Chis Van Hollen and Chairman Phil Mendelson.

Norton already introduced a companion bill in the House earlier this year.

“Congress has a moral obligation and the constitutional authority to pass this bill.  This country was founded on the principles of no taxation without representation and consent of the governed, but D.C. residents are taxed without representation and cannot consent to the laws under which they, as American citizens, must live,” she said at the time.

The House has passed the D.C. Statehood bill twice. However, it has never made it to a Senate vote.

“This is really a racial and economic justice issue,” said Erica Williams, Executive Director of the D.C. Fiscal Policy Institute.

Last week, the agency released a new study looking at the fiscal impacts of denying D.C. Statehood. According to the report, the District is potentially missing out on billions of dollars.

“As a federal district, we are not allowed as every other state in the country is, to tax the income of nonresidents. People who work and earn in the District, but don’t live here,” explained Williams. “Here in the District, we have for fiscal year 2021 almost a $100 billion in income. And 57% of that was earned by folks who live outside of the District.”

Based on that data, the study estimates the District is missing out on $3.2 billion in tax revenue.

“That would be money we could invest in greater racial equity here in the District, and in our schools and in the places that have been neglected for too long,” said Williams.

The study did acknowledge added costs the District would need to pay if it became a state, like the cost of running a court system and the cost of incarcerating people who commit felonies. However, the study found that the benefits still outweigh the cost.

“On net, we would still gain $1.36 billion,” said Williams.

Mayor Muriel Bowser has long pushed for D.C. Statehood.

In an interview with the Hill and DC News Now last week, she said, “Right now in Washington, D.C., people — Americans that pay taxes just like everybody else, literally don’t have a vote in there and it’s un-American.”

Tuesday’s announcement will happen at 10 a.m.